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9/11 Tribute Museum

Visit the 9/11 Tribute Museum and discover the personal stories of 9/11 told by those who were there. This incredibly moving gallery helps you connect to the tragedy through films, artefacts, stories and images. Create your own legacy tribute with a pledge of community service to make the world a better place.

Run by family members who lost loved ones and survivors who escaped from the towers, the 9/11 Tribute Museum takes you on a powerful journey through the tragic events of 9/11.

The 9/11 Tribute Museum historical exhibitions share the first person perspective of people who experienced 9/11. Learn about the unprecedented rescue and recovery operations, the rebuilding of communities, be inspired by personal journeys of healing and the unprecedented acts of generosity from around the world. From darkness to light, exhibitions begin with the history of Lower Manhattan, recount the events of 9/11, artifacts represent the rescue and recovery, hear the stories of those who were there along with a tribute of remembrance.

Museum Exhibits include:

  • Lower Manhattan: Where the World Meets: Surrounded on three sides by water, the tip of Manhattan has drawn people from around the world for more than 400 years. This small strip of land has long been at the center of the global trade in goods, services, and ideas, affecting individual lives and influencing the course of national and global events.
  • September 11, 2001 Gallery: Video footage from the morning of September 11, 2001 shows the tragedy of the terrorist attacks and events that changed the world. Students who have no first-hand memory of the day learn about the events that shocked a nation and challenged the world. Artifacts, photographs, audio and video reveal powerful perspectives and personal accounts of the day.
  • Response & Recovery Gallery: From the moment the attacks began, people’s most human desire to help proved stronger than their fears. People put personal safety aside and rushed toward the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, to offer help.
  • Storytelling Gallery: Hear the stories and meet the family members who lost loved ones, survivors, NYPD, FDNY, and PAPD first responders, recovery workers, volunteers, and residents. Listen to their first-person experiences and learn about their inspirational journeys of healing.
  • Remembrance Room: More than two thousand images chosen by family members create a living memorial for visitors to see and feel the vibrancy of the lives of the victims as well as the enormity of the loss.
  • Rebuilding & Remembering Gallery: As months turned into years, the communities and individuals affected by the September 11th attacks experienced many different personal journeys of challenge and healing. Strengthened by the resilience they had found in themselves and each other, they began re-envisioning their lives, rebuilding their communities, and transforming the landscapes of Lower Manhattan, Arlington, Virginia, and Somerset County, Pennsylvania.
  • Service to the World: Inspired by the generosity and kindness they received from all over the world, members of the 9/11 community have changed their own lives by reaching out to help others, developing foundations and service initiatives.
  • Seeds of Service Gallery: Being a responsible citizen in our global community means finding ways, both large and small, to make that community a better place. Visitors are invited to plant a seed of service by supporting an issue, making a donation or contributing their skills to a good cause.

*The 9/11 Tribute Museum (formerly known as the 9/11 Tribute Center) was founded in 2006 by the September 11th Families Association a non-profit organization. All proceeds benefit educational program, historical preservation and support for the 9/11 community.

Experience Includes

  • General admission to the 9/11 Tribute Museum
  • Explore historical exhibitions that share the first person perspective of people who experienced 9/11
  • Museum artifacts and testimonies from survivors, rescue and recovery workers and family members share the powerful response of a nation changed
  • Discover the tremendous spirit of resilience and service that arose after the attacks and create your own tribute with a pledge of service
  • Tickets can be used within 2 weeks either side of your chosen date, so you have complete flexibility to visit the 9/11 Tribute Museum at a time that suits you during your visit to New York

Departure location

The 9/11 Tribute Museum is located at 92 Greenwich Street, New York NY 10006.

Start times

The 9/11 Tribute Museum is open 10.00am to 6.00pm, Monday to Saturday, and 10.00am to 5.00pm on Sundays. Last admission 30 minutes prior to closing.


Visitors should allow around one hour for the self-guided tour.

Terms & Conditions

  • Free cancellations for bookings cancelled with the supplier before your holiday departure date. No refunds are given after this time.
  • You will be issued with an open-dated 9/11 Tribute Museum ticket voucher allowing you to visit on the date/time that best suits your itinerary.
  • The 9/11 Tribute Museum Admission DOES NOT INCLUDE admission into the National 9/11 Memorial Museum.
  • Children under 8 years enter free of charge.
  • A portion of the ticket fee is donated to the September 11th Families’ Association.
  • Guided tour of the 9/11 Memorial is not included but can be purchased at the 9/11 Tribute Museum for a nominal fee.
  • This venue is wheelchair accessible.