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South Africa
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All Tours & Experiences Available in Johannesburg
Adult: £36.00 / Adult (From 1st November 2016): £40.00 / Child : £18.00 / Child (From 1st November 2016): £20.00 / Single Passenger (From 1st November 2016): £80.00
A fascinating tour through the colourful streets of Soweto to sample its diverse and vibrant culture, learn about its tragic history and its hopes for the future.
More Information on Half Day Soweto Tour
Adult: £63.00 / Adult (From 1st November 2016): £69.00 / Child : £31.00 / Child (From 1st November 2016): £34.00 / Single Adult : £126.00 / Single Passenger (From 1st November 2016): £137.00
Many South Africans gave much, some gave all, to achieve a truly democratic South Africa. Come with us on this full day tour which shares some of the journey, pain and struggle of those heroes; witness the places, experience the diverse museums where these momentous, tumultuous years have been so well documented.
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More Information on Journey to Freedom Tour including the Apartheid Museum
Adult: £52.00 / Child : £29.00
Cycle straight into the soul of South Africa on this Johannesburg tour through the streets of iconic Soweto. See where Mandela once called home, cycle past Desmond Tutu's current digs, and hit a local shebeen bar for a cool drink and a game of pool.
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Adult: £35.00 / Child : £20.00
The best of Jozi can be tricky to find on your own. Enlist the help of a local guide on this Johannesburg tour that side steps the usual spots and embraces things such as art, architecture, culture, history, and a traditional healers market.
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